Continuing Education

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Softball Pitching: A Clinical, Biomechanical Approach

This educational program was developed to provide in-depth exposure to the analysis and biomechanics of the windmill softball pitching motion. The medical literature on softall pitching mechanics has expanded over recent years. Softball players have a 27% higher injury rate than baseball players (Powell-Barber-Foss) and a total 45% of collegiate softball pithers have contracted a time loss injury at some point during the season (2009 Rojas). There is a common misperception in the medical community that underhand pitching is safer than the overhand pitching motion. This educational program will be a useful tool that will increase the participant's knowledge in the evaluation of the windmill pitch as well defend the principles of pitch counts and provide a review of shoulder and elbow anatomy and biomechanics and other topics.

Fundamental Focus on Custom Hand and Wrist Splinting

This course will provide each course participant with an anatomical background to understand the application and manufacturing of custom hand/wrist splints. This introductory course is dedicated to give participants significant exposure to fabrication of specific splints with 3 hours of hands-on lab time. This laid back course environment will allow participants to leave with unique fabrication skills and the confidence to perform and properly bill for their newly acquired skills.